Monday, June 29, 2015

We bought a farm: Song of the South

Below, is a copy of our water bill. Each month we receive our water bill with a Bible verse written on it.

I really think that people outside of the south have no idea how the South actually lives. Around here, no one would think of challenging this because it is just a part of the culture. I imagine this is how the entire United States used to be.

Our little town has ONE restaurant. We decided to try it the other day. It was very good -- total home cooking with rubbermaid containers of different flavored tea sitting on the counter behind us. 

They also had this sign in the window:

Right after we had a laugh at this sign, I went to get Hannah out of her car seat. We could NOT find her other shoe. In fact two days later, I still haven't found it. We had no choice but to bring her in without one shoe.

At least she didn't have a bare bottom!

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