Saturday, June 06, 2015

We bought a Farm: Tom boy princess

I suppose, if your kids are playing outside more, they are going to get a few more bumps and bruises. This has been the case for Abigail. Her legs and elbows are covered in road rash. She has skin glue on her foot. She is covered in adventure for sure.

I need to preface this post by telling you that Abigail is a tom boy stuck in a princess' body. She will do anything with the boys. She will not be left out of anything. But, she will do everything while dressed like this:

The chick wakes up EVERY single morning and comes downstairs with a dress and a pair of underwear in her hands. She wears a dress EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have given up worrying that they  will get dirty or ruined. I've reserved a few dresses as being "just too fancy" to play in, but otherwise, her dresses are play clothes. I found a yard sale where the lady was selling her girl dresses for $1 each. I bough about 10 of them and figured, "Make a mess of them."

Yesterday, JB and his Dad planned to take the three older kids and my niece and nephew on a hike. I was worried about how this would go down for Abigail as I explained to her that due to ticks and thorns and whatnot, if she was going to walk in the woods, she had to wear pants. She actually took it well, and got our her cowgirl hat and asked me to braid her hair.

She was SO excited about going on the hike and was all dressed for it. The kids were playing outside while waiting to leave when Abigail had a fall. My nephew was pushing her in a little kid's car and it toppled over. A total accident, but nonetheless, a pretty tough hit.

It's hard to tell on camera, but there is a HUGE goose egg on her forehead. My poor nephew was a bit in shock as he brought in her from outside due to how big that egg was. But she was, of course, no worse for the wear.

We decided that she should stay home from the hike and watch a movie with me and Hannah instead, and as she curled up on the couch with a movie and snack, she immediately said, "I need a dress." She went into the laundry room and immediately got out of those blue jeans.

She is such a fun mix of the tom boy I was and the girly girl I never was. I truly LOVE watching this in her. The other day, she informed us she wanted her "ears peeled." I told her that this would hurt and she said, "That's okay. I can cry for a minute."

What a fun little girl!

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