Monday, December 26, 2005

A few photos from Christmas

Well Christmas has come and gone. Above, you can see just a portion of the gifts waiting to be opened.

This year we stayed at my parents' house on Christmas Eve which was a first. We opened up our gifts ourselves here on Christmas morning and then headed over to the Kits for 3 hours of gift opening. We got some wonderful things. I was blessed to get some scrapbooking stuff which I really needed, some candles, natural soaps, a toaster that also cooks eggs, gift certificates, earings, and a bunch more stuff including 2 World Vision gifts! Jb got, well, mostly books, including this FABULOUS book (go Elizabeth), illustrated below:

Even though that picture is all that is really needed for today's blog, here are some more pictures to share with you from Christmas day.

The battle has begun: Air Force or Army? Grace now says both!

Mom opening the calendar that we got her. Each month is a different photo of a different child and their family.

John and I arrived early enough to get the couch for two people! Couch #1 illustrated above features (from back) Katie, Matt, Danielle, and Matt. A blow up of Danielle's shirt is depicted below. It does NOT say what it appears to say, but I thought it did.

Couch #2 features (from back) Grant, Elizabeth, Gabbi, and Ray

Grace and her Uncle J.B.

Ray with our gift: a Victoria Secret .... er, a gift certificate taped into a V.S. Catalog!

A gift from Matt. JB's drink of choice and Wendi's drink of choice!

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Bara said...

wooow, this look great! so happy for you guys! merry christmas and happy new year for you all.