Sunday, December 18, 2005


Well, we made a few mistakes during our travel to Florida yesterday.

The first is, we decided not to take our coats. We threw them into our car and as it drove away (well, actually about 3 hours later in the middle of the night) I realized I left my phone in it (and proceeded to bolt upright in bed and let JB know about it.) It was two degrees outside that night, and I am worried that the plasma screen may not have survived.

The second mistake was, we decided to dress only semi-warm. I did NOT want to bring my boots to Florida. (It was the principle of the matter.) This was not the wisest move. The flight from Minneapolis to Dallas left our feet absolutely freezing (although they defrosted as we moved south.)

The third mistake was not thinking that they might put our luggage on an earlier flight and put it in a corner of the baggage claim area instead of putting it on the belt. An hour later we were still waiting for our pieces to come rolling around, only to realize that they were instead perched in a corner the whole time.

But those mistakes aside, we are now here. Fort Lauderdale! Last night we went over to JB's family's house for about an hour, then went and saw Ray, Gabbi, Grace, and new addition Nathan for about a half hour, and then we came back to the house and spent some time with Keith and AD (his girlfriend), and my parents.

Then I slept until 9:30! I was so tired, I fell asleep while JB sat and watched Iron Chef. I didn't think I would be so interested, but this morning I wanted to know who won.

We now need to do some quick shopping -- primarily for bathing suits. For some reason we couldn't find any in the Polar North before we left.

I will try to update you once more tomorrow before we head out. I am very excited.

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