Thursday, September 18, 2014

Meeting Criss

Because of Isaac currently has two adopting couples we are raising money for. I had the extreme privilege to meet Criss (of Joel & Criss) on my last day in Vermont. (Criss is actually Isaac's Grama Joni's nephew's wife if you can follow all of that.) We only had a short visit -- just for thirty minutes before I took off, but it FLEW by!

Criss' journey is not an easy one. She will spend a good portion of the future months finishing paperwork and raising money, and then, once all the money is raised, she will spend time waiting for a birth mother to pick her. 

Please, even if you cannot commit to donating to our organizaiton right now, please be praying for our couples -- both Joel & Criss and our other couple Kevin and Tessa.  

In addition, could you please add Ryan & Briana to your prayer list. We have raised ALL of their money. They are simply WAITING for a birth mother to pick them. This wait could be days or much longer and we really pray that their forever child finds them sooner rather than later!

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