Saturday, September 06, 2014

Best of friends

We all have friends. We pile them on our Facebook pages like the money jar on our kitchen counter. But real friends -- the kind that know you deeply -- far deeper than anything you post on your blog or Facebook are rare gems.

Michelle is one of those friends to me. We went to school together from Kindergarten until graduation. We went to church together. We were in each other's weddings. There is no doubt that Michelle will be my friend until the day I leave this Earth. She is just one of those types of friends.

Michelle and her husband Hershal (who is truly one of the coolest guys I know) live about 8 hours from us -- in North Carolina. But our trip to look for land took us landed us just 4 hours from them. They decided to pile up their three kiddos and book a hotel room next door to us and spend a few nights catching up!

We aren't the same height ... but we are okay with that!

Michelle and Hershal's oldest son Edward (middle) got along SO well with my boys.

They truly were instant friends.

Hard to believe there are 7 children between us. Benjamin (in Michelle's arms) is just a couple of months older than Hannah. And little Annabelle (front) is a doll.

Here are the five "olders" playing lego figurines on the bed. So sweet!

We actually had the chance to show off the farm we want to buy to Hershal and Michelle during our visit. We are so excited that it might bring us just 4 hours from them. We actually put an offer down on that farm today. Here's to hoping we can buy it!

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