Friday, September 12, 2014

Let them play

I love this article encouraging parents to just let their kids play! This is specifically talking about

"Unscheduled, unsupervised, playtime is one of the most valuable educational opportunities we give our children. It is fertile ground; the place where children strengthen social bonds, build emotional maturity, develop cognitive skills, and shore up their physical health. The value of free play,  daydreaming, risk-taking, and independent discovery have been much in the news this year, and a new study by psychologists at the University of Colorado reveals just how important these activities are in the development of children’s executive functioning."

Get them outside!

Let them play!

"Parents, if you really want to give your kid a head start on coming school year, relinquish some of that time you have earmarked for lessons or sports camp and let your children play. That’s it. Just play. Grant them time free from your ulterior motives and carefully planned educational outcomes. Let them have dominion over their imaginary kingdoms while their evil dragons, white wizards, marauding armies, and grand battles for supremacy unfurl according to their whims and wills."

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Rinette said...

Love this article, thanks! Now I feel a whole lot less 'guilty' for not offering my kids as many parent-led activities as I wanted. Having a 36 month old, a 27 month old and an 18 month old just doesn't give me much time for planned activities, so I am really happy to read that free play is totally okay.