Thursday, September 04, 2014

Auction starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning is the start of the second Because of Isaac online auction.

Life is crazy here right now.

We have just returned from four days of "farm finding" (we found one we really like -- now we just see if all the pieces come together or not). I need to write more about this later. Today is also Hannah's birthday. But she is quite sick with what appears to be an ear infection so I'll have to get pictures and write more about that later. In addition, Isaac and I are preparing to take a trip to Vermont to spend some time with his birth family. I need to write more about that too!

But the biggest news is the auction. That will dominate a lot of my time the next five days. PLEASE make this a priority. Help me spread the word. Consider bidding on some items. Anything you can do to help is so appreciated. Remember ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of money raised goes DIRECTLY toward our current couple's adoption!

Setting a goal of $2,000 but hoping we can do even better!!!

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