Wednesday, September 24, 2014


A local toy store had a visit from Ariel this week. I decided to drop in and see how much the kids liked it. The result was that the boys could have cared less and were disappointed that there was no prince coming. Hannah could have cared less. And Abigail LOVED it -- although you'd never know from your face. 

I told Ariel what a HUGE accomplishment this was for Abigail to come up to her. I told Abigail how proud I was of her too. This was a VERY hard thing for her to muster up the courage to do!

When I asked her if she wanted to let Ariel give her a tattoo, Abigail replied, "I don't know Mommy. I'm very shy."

I am realizing why Hannah is throwing me for such a look as a mom. The boys were basically twins. Abigail followed afterwards but she was SOOO shy that she NEVER tried to get out of her stroller to wander. Never fought to get out of my arms. She wouldn't stray a step from me.

I don't think I realized what a blessing that clinging was. Because now I have Hannah. She wants OUT of her stroller. She wants OUT of my arms. She wants to GO without me in sight! Trying to keep track of her with three other siblings as well is NOT easy.

Where's a clinger when I need one?

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The Mac's House said...

Izzy wants to know where you found Ariel? LOL Her mouth dropped wide open as I showed her the video. Too cute.