Friday, September 19, 2014

We love the zoo!

We took Joni to the zoo yesterday. Once a month, the boys take a homeschool class there. It is one hour, and because we are zoo members, it is only $6 each for the class. They love it. Yesterday they learned all about rain forests. 

The boys goofing around before their class

Heading to the awesome zoo playground. This BOB stroller has paid for itself a MILLION times over!

At the playground

She loves the swings!

After we took the boys to the class, all the girls headed out for some sight-seeing.


Freedom! She was so happy to be out of her stroller and walking around.

Abigail's favorite thing to see at the zoo are the flamingos. 

I'm pretty sure she likes them solely because they are pink.

Cutie pie.

Abigail absolutely loves the petting zoo.

Making sure we don't grab the ears.

Our climber.

Mom K. joined us at the zoo! Hannah just loves her "Bama" as Abigail calls her.

Abigail just adores animals of all kinds.

A quick snap with a goat.

My sweetie pie ... Abigail, not the goat.

I've been promising the kiddos that one time while we are at the zoo, I'll pay to the let them ride the train. We decided Joni being there was a good time to splurge!

One of my favorite-est pictures ever!

They wanted to ride in the peacock car.

My boys.

Love these little men.

After that, we went into the bird exhibit to feed the lorikeets. 

Sweetie girl.

Love this pic!

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