Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We bought a farm?

I don't want to put the cart before the horse.

But it appears we may have bought a farm.

For those of you who have just been itching to see and learn more about our farm, I have included two very short videos to hopefully quench your thirst just a bit. This first video starts with a view of the two little homes that we will also own. (They will need some work to get them ready to be inhabited.) Then you will see our home and garage come into view:

In this one, you see our house come into view in the middle:

I have been keeping things very quiet about location and details of this farm. The reason is that, well, first of all, it isn't a done deal yet. We have agreed upon a price with the owners. Now we have all the inspection stuff to get through.

The second reason is that because JB and I both maintain such public blogs, we don't want to broadcast where we are living for all to read online. You won't ever read where this farm is on my blog. (But if you ask me personally, I will tell you!)

But we are pretty stinkin' sure that this might be our forever home!

It is about four hours from where we are living now, and we would move there permanently next summer.

In the meantime, a dream that was hatched inside my husband back when we lived in Kentucky, early in our marriage, is coming to pass. It was during some times of boredom that he wandered into a public library, picked up a book on permaculture and farming, and the rest, they say, is history.

Someone suggested on Facebook that I detail the whole we bought a farm thing in a book.

I'm not sure about that. But I do plan to detail it on our blog.

I am a city girl.

Well, not like a big city girl, but a never-lived-without-someone-right-next-door type of girl.

And now, we are about to buy a home on 100 acres -- on land where you can't even see a neighbor in the foothills of the smokies.

(Yes, you can see the ridge on a clear day!)

How do I feel?

I'm not really sure. Excited mostly. So happy for my husband as well. All I need is a happy place to raise my children. But he needed this land. His soul and spirit and whole being has been counting the years and months and days and hours and minutes until he could move out of suburbia and begin practicing permaculture.

When he was in medical school and stuck in a twelve hour surgery, he told me he'd simply plan his farm. That he passed the minutes thinking and planning for this day.

And we are almost there.

We have many visions for this land. (Okay, so mostly he has the visions and I listen intently and pipe in when I actually can comprehend what he is saying. He's really smart if you didn't know.) We don't know exactly what visions will become a reality and what the Lord will direct us away from. We know that we want the Lord to use this land. We can see using it for education and ministry for missionaries and other individuals. We can see it being a peaceful refuge and an oasis in this world. And we trust that if we follow HIS leading, He will show us which way to go.

In the meantime, I'll keep you posted, and most likely, you will begin to see posts entitled We Bought a Farm -- volumes and volumes!


samuel helfrich said...

Very exciting :)

Jennifer said...

I am so excited for you and so jealous of that view. That is amazing!

mom.of.4 said...

oh, it's BEAUTIFUL! want me to bring my minions down next summer with our power tools and help with one of the houses? i sooooooooo miss working on old houses!

Anonymous said...

The things we do for love!! I was much like you, and had never even been on a farm before meeting my husband. Long story short, we met, fell in love, got married, and now, 32 years later, I'm still VERY happily living on our 200 acre farm. I am sure you will also be happy there.