Friday, September 12, 2014

Pics from Vermont

Here are some pictures from the three days I got to hang with Isaac and Roy and Joni in Vermont.

Our plane arriving

A picture of Isaac on his way to hug Joni

This is Bri's aunt Marilyn and her cousin Kelli -- they were huge supporters of the recent auction and are checking their amounts owed in this picture. Kelli has had her school class support BOI in the past as well. I haven't seen her since I was a teenager so it was wonderful to see her again.

My blue eyed boy.

Aunt Alice, Aunt Marilyn, me, Kelli with Braxton (front), Isaac and Zeek.

Another snap

Out on the lake after some chocolate milk.

Can you get much better than lounging, on a deck, on a lake, in the early fall, while waiting for your streak to be cooked?

Isaac and Andre Agassi -- Isaac is one of the few children Andre has time for.

Showing off his Superhero "stuff".

Today we went to Jay's Peak. It is an indoor waterpark at a ski resort about an hour from Roy and Joan's home. It was tons of fun!

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Papa Coach said...

Yes, it can get better...while sipping a Pepsi!