Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Funnies

JB came home from the ER last night, and I told him I needed to wash his clothes right away because he needed them the next day. "Don't let me forget to put the scrubs in the dryer." I said. We turned and Abigail was starting to cry. "Why you gonna put Scrubs in the dryer?" she said. That's what we get for naming our dog after medical clothes.


Sidge was getting annoyed with Abigail at the table. I was explaining to him that Abigail would be his sister forever and he better get used to her being annoying and "chill out!" Abigail decided to pipe in at this point. "Yeah Sidgey. You a tinker." (Stinker.)


I brought Abigail some strawberries.
Abigail: "Thank you."
Me: "You are welcome."
Abigail: "I forgive you."


When the kids are practicing their letters, it isn't unusual for me to see one small thing wrong and say, "Well, you made a mistake, but other than _____, it is just right."

Today while writing his number "2", Sidge wrote it backwards. 
Sidge: "How does this look?'
Me: "Well it's backwards."
Sidge: "But other than that, is it just right?"

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