Sunday, September 07, 2014

Book Review: Kids Adventure Bible Easy Reader

I recently had the opportunity to review the I Can Read book Moses Leads the People. 

Most importantly, the story is Biblically accurate. I could not find any discrepancies between this paperback reader and the Biblical account of Moses. As always, that is the most important thing when checking out a retelling of a Biblical story.

The illustrations were well done. My only complaint when discussing the illustrations was the picture of the man with the boils. I know this did actually happen, but seeing a picture of it, honestly, might be a little disturbing for young children. I have to wonder if discussing the plagues without color illustrations might have been a better idea. 

The same holds true for the section that discusses the death of all the firstborn children in Egypt. I think there is a fine line between editing things for children, and this book made me question those choices slightly. While I think my kindergarten-aged boys can handle this, I wonder if my three year old little girl will be effected by what she observes.

I review for BookLook BloggersAside from those two things, I really liked the book. I love that they are making easy readers based on Biblical stories. There are some words in this book that are hard, but with guidance, my six year old was easily reading the book himself. I definitely plan to look for more of these books soon!

Booklook provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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