Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Question For Readers

I read this question on my comments yesterday. I have so many answers bubbling up inside of me, but I thought that before I unload how I feel about this woman's "friends", I would first open this up to so many of you out there who either have a loved one in the military, support our military, our love me and JB. Or you may be someone who isn't that crazy about the military but can still offer perspecive.

So before I pipe in, what do you all have to say?

My situation is that my son who is a rising 10th grader in high school has decided he is deeply committed to attempting to be accepted into the air force academy after h.s. He has the grades and lots of other requirements to do so. He has been a strong supporter of the military as the grandson of a career Navy man and the great-grandson of Navy men on both sides of the family. He has said since his earliest days he wants to serve his country by joining the military. I completely support his choice and am trying to find any and all information to help him on his way. The problem (or root of the question I have) is that when I tell any of our friends and some of our family of own son's goal to become a part of our amazing military they ask me what I consider to be an absurd question. "Why am I pushing my son to join a career that will end his life?" I am honestly stumped by assumption that just because he is in the military he will die in a war. I know it is a possibility but it is his dream. How can I deny him his dream, especially one that I consider extremely honorable? Has anyone ever questioned you or JB as to why you would choose the military though it is a bad thing. I am a PROUD military daughter, I believe in supporting our soldiers and our country and I am offended that I have to defend my son's right to defend their rights and freedoms. How should I respond to someone like this without the sting that I would like to serve up? Sorry if this is too heavy to answer right now...maybe after the baby is born or while you storknest in Ger. you may have sometime to think about this and have an answer.I am just so proud of my oldest child's sense of duty and honor that I could burst and yet all I seem to get from people we love and care about is the bursting of my and his bubble.


miss fluffy said...

if only more young people were like her son! i am not sure that there is anything to say to this person, because they either aren't open to the truth of the situation, or they do not care about the truth of the situation. i would probably say that it is her son's decision to proudly serve our country and it is her decision to proudly support him. if these people decide not to support either of their decisions, then they can kindly keep their feelings to themselves. i would probably even add that their lack of support is hurtful and disappointing, and hopefully they'll choose their words more carefully should something terrible happen.

sometimes the biggest rewards come out of the biggest risk... and sometimes i think that is evident in our country today. regardless of your politics or feelings on war and peace, if not for our military men and women, our lives in this country would likely be very different than the lives we live today.

thank her son for his commitment to keeping us safe and free, and thanks to you all as well!

Brittny said...

"Because he wants to do everything he can to save yours."

I didn't even finish everything she wrote, but that was all I kept thinking as I was reading it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendi,

This is not related to this post, but I really wanted to share this with you. Below is a link to another blog, where a beautiful adoption story is shared. It made me think of you and thought you may appreciate it.

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

LOL @ Brittney! I can so hear her saying that! :)

WOW...I am amazed that any one voices this. Maybe I am just clueless b/c My hubby was in the military, I am patriotic, I live outside the gate of THE BEST AF BASE in the USA and I find it honorable for ANYONE to desire to serve our country.
As a mom, I think this mom should simply state, "I love my son & never push him to do anything. If you want to discuss his dream w/him further you may do that!" I write this b/c so often people say such silly/outlandish things just to see what our repsonse will be. Just to stir up drama & ruffle our feathers! Just my 2 cents! My other thought would be "He wants to fight for your right to say such STUPID things freely!" Oh...wait, I guess that isn't very nice or PC of me is it! :)

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

oh...oops that wasn't Britt. Rabens! Oh well...I could hear her saying it!