Monday, January 31, 2011

Mini miracles

Meant to post this a few weks ago but life things (i.e. surgery) got me distracted.

The night before Bible Study a few weeks ago, our Leader, Amanda, emailed us. The Beth Moore video was missing. I remember she wrote in her email that we should all still show up for the Bible Study. We'd have our discussion and then, as He always does, watch God come through.

We got to the meeting. Five minutes till "Go" time. No video anywhere. It's a smal thing right? Why would God really care. There was a new gal in the Study. She hadn't gotten the email. When Amanda mentioned that the DVD was MIA, the new gal says: "Well I have a copy of the whole study on DVD at home. I got it for Christmas. Want me to go get it?"


Reminded me of a time when I was a kid. My parents lived paycheck to paycheck. I remember my Dad and Mom praying for $100. They needed it for a bill, and they just didn't have it anywhere. The mailman came. And there was a check for the exact amount from a family member just wanting to "bless us." They had no idea about the prayer. They just sent it.

Really? Coincidence? I think not.

It wasn't a big deal. Life would have gone on as normal. But it was really cool to watch God step in in such a small way.

Do you have an example of how He has come through recently for you in a small way? I know everyone would love to hear your "proof" of the existence of God.

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carrie said...

My neighbor is especially good at listening to those feelings she gets, knowing that God is prodding her to do something. Though she often doesn't know why or what, she goes along with it anyway, knowing she must.

We were just talking about this last night because she called randomly, saying she felt the need to check in and assumed it was to make sure we were ready for the ice storm we got last night. After talking about that for a bit, I told her how we had to put my cat to sleep yesterday and it just clicked with her. She was all, "THAT'S why I felt this urgent need to call you." She couldn't think of any other reason to check in in the middle of the day out of the blue besides the upcoming storm, but after I told her about Mollie, she said she felt that peace wash over her, knowing that's why she needed to call me.

So cool. :)