Monday, January 29, 2007

Dessert, toe socks, and trains

We had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful weekend with my Oom Ed and Tante Jan. We did lots of talking, played lots of Mexican Train Dominoes, and ate some amazing food. JB made a Mediterranean meal of some sort on Saturday night (Bara it was similar to the meal he made when you were visiting.) Then on Sunday night, Dave, Lesley, and Tara joined us for JB's version of "Cyclone Chicken", which I think his little brother Matt helped inspire. Very good. He followed it up with a wonderful and healthy dessert (pictured below.) Unfortunately, Lesley also brought dessert so this healthy dessert was followed up by delicious cupcakes and mint chocolate chip ice cream! Two desserts didn't seem to phase anyone.

Here are some more pictures of the evening.

Lesley also came to our house in her toe socks. I had to take a picture of this!
I must close the blog with Dave's hand. Going into the last round, Dave was in first place. However, with the plethora of dots on this last hand he went straight from first to LAST PLACE. We weren't sure this was even possible, but Dave proved us all wrong. Also, a big congrats to Tante Jan who won both hands of dominoes.

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That dessert didn't look like a Sonic Blast AT ALL!

JB is pathetic!