Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blog stealer

Since Kristen stole a pic from me this past week, I stole this one from her. I thought this picture was hilarious. This was a dinner night at one of Brandon's professor's houses. However, besides the abundance of shoes, the real reason I posted this picture is because I thought our friends and family in Florida and Kentucky would get a kick out of this. This never happened in Florida or Kentucky. I never immediately took my shoes off when I got to people's house before I moved here. But up here, it is basically, a given. You just don't wear shoes in the house. I think the original reason is because of the mud and snow, but JB and I are now addicted to it. It is gross to walk around your house in shoes that you wore all over creation. It's a big no-no in our house. I am worried that people in Florida, when we move there, will think we are weird. At least here, you usually don't have to ask people to remove their shoes.


AW said...


Growing up in Hawaii, it was the custom to take your shoes off at one's home. It was considered a huge faux pas if you didn't. There were always shelves available on the front porch or right inside the door to place them. We didn't have to worry about snow and muck, but it was "just the way it is". Asian influence I guess. Down here in TX we don't do that and to be frank, I miss it!


Anonymous said...

You can offer people slippers when they come in the house! :)
they are cheap at IKEA!
In Indonesia you would never wear your shoes in someone's house except maybe at a fancy party where everyone does and goes in and out -but we had tile floors and maids to mop daily!!
Still most of the time shoes off -and it's hot there so you can start a new trend in Fla tho i think Americans have feet phobia and don't like to see bare feet except on a beach...

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Actually Tante Jan, when we first came here and were "house hunting" the house owners did offer "booties". But I think slippers are better but too warm in Florida. Either way, my house in Florida will stay the same -- ex-nay on the shoes-ey.