Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Headaches subsiding

Today marks 30 days without a migraine. Some slight headaches here or there but NOTHING like the endless migraines that seemed to surround the last two years of my life. 

I've battled headaches since I was 21. However, two years ago, I got an IUD. This was not for birth control, but simply to help with some very heavy bleeding I have battling. Unfortunately, the neurologist I finally went and saw felt very confident that these were making my migraines worse. 

We still aren't sure if that was the case, but at the end of December I had the IUD removed. March 15 I had my last headache. It's been a month now. Praise the Lord!

We are hoping that they are gone forever, but even if they come back monthly, I can deal with that. I just need a reprieve sometimes. 

So thankful for all the prayers and encouragement!

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