Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Elijah's passions

Our 13-year-old Elijah "Sidge" is now 5'10". His passions include: 

  • Woodworking: he takes a class with Grama every Wednesday, and his precision and perfection goes well with the craft. The bird feeder (above) is one of his first completed projects. 
  • Fish and aquariums: he'd have 100 aquariums if we'd let him. We bought him a tank for Christmas and it truly filled him up in so many ways. 
  • All things animals: he'd take dogs and animals any day of the week. He is actually going to "run" our turkey production this summer. 
  • Birds: Loves him some birds. In fact, Ms. Blair came over the other day to bird with him. 
  • Plants: He recently started his own herb garden. He loves planting and is working on seeing what plants he can bring from the outside in and help them regrow. 
  • Being outside: He truly seems to be affected when it's raining and he can't go outside. 
  • Marvel Movies / Star Wars movies: Enough said!


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