Sunday, April 10, 2022

Been a Fun Week Here

There has been a TON going on around here. As you've seen from previous posts, JB took a trip from Portland back to TN with two of the four kiddos (Abigail and Sidge). I stayed home with Isaac and Hannah. Grama Joni came to hang out with me during the time John was gone, but she purposefully overlapped with John returning so she could see the other two kids for a day or two. 

John returned on Friday late-afternoon. Joni flew back today (Sunday afternoon).

Joni AND JB overlapped with one of the biggest events we've been able to celebrate here on our farm. Our dear friend Anni officially became a Mama. Her adoption of little Trin (whose name will now be Tristan -- although I think, with Anni's permission, she'll still be "Trin" to me) was official on Friday. Here's a picture of them after the Judge signed all the stuff!

Anni was planning to have a party at the pavilion of a church down the road. However, the weather did NOT cooperate and at the last minute, we shifted it to my house. Forty or more people at the last minute? No biggie! Especially when my amazing housekeeper, Julie, agrees to SWOOP in and help get the house looking fantastic. 

Life on the Bauernhof is NEVER boring. And I am NEVER lonely.

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