Tuesday, April 19, 2022

The three youngest girls

Our Two-family Homeschool has evolved quite a bit. It began with Abigail paired off with the older Kotynski girls, Ana and Kari. When they first arrived, Kari was in 4th grade and Ana in 6th. Abigail was in 1st believe it or not. 

As the Kotynski big girls got bigger, Abigail slowly migrated into hanging out more with the younger gals: Genevieve and Hannah (both in second grade). Abigail, now in 4th, unfortunately, always feels she's a bit of a person without a country, but she's more and more becoming close with these two best friends. 

Genevieve and Hannah are best buds. Eoin, who is in 3rd grade, hangs out with them too, but you can tell the boy in him will start to deviate from them more and more. 

I am so incredibly blessed to have this family in my life. I feel I don't Blog as often as my kids get older. There's so much they do not want shared. But there is so much I want to remember. These little gals are a big part of that.

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