Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Wee-wind Wednesday

Life flies by. 
In 1994, John started Art School at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. 

In 1995, I left for college at Western Kentucky University to play basketball.

When he finished art school in 1996, he decided to make a go of life in Kentucky with me.

He got a job working for a graphic design company in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where I was going to college. When they went out of business, JB kept going -- designing for companies in the area. My parents co-signed on a $10,000 business loan, we got all the computers he needed, and he started his own graphic design company.

These were his first business cards. 
In 1998 we got married.
I graduated college in 1999.

By 2000, we had moved from Bowling Green to Franklin, Kentucky so I could be closer to my teaching/coaching job. JB continued to run his business out of our home. 

He decided to go back to school. Just take a few science classes to "see what was out there."

By 2003 we would be moved to Minnesota for him to start medical school.

I stumbled upon one of his business cards the other day. 

SO many memories ...

How is 2022?

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