Friday, April 08, 2022

Driving a Car from Portland: Day 6

Just passed 2,000 miles on our trip today from Portland, Oregon to East Tennessee.

Followed the Yellowstone River from Gardiner, Montana, through Billings, Montana, then back down into northeast Wyoming.

Stopped by the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Memorial… wow! Reading through the history of this place while walking the actual landscape was seriously emotional. I’ll be honest; I wasn’t really rooting for General Custer.

Then we visited Devil’s Tower National Monument. This was the United States’ first National Monument. 
It is incredible… it means something!

Saw a Black-Tailed Prairie Dog town.

No new bird species, but did see a beautiful Golden Eagle.

Oh… and crazy wind… my arms are sore from gripping the steering wheel… from the National Weather Service: “HIGH WIND WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL MIDNIGHT MDT WEDNESDAY NIGHT... Northwest winds 35 to 45 mph with gusts up to 75 mph.”

This means something!
Devil’s Tower National Monument
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Memorial
The red sandstone and siltstone cliffs above the Belle Fourche River just below Devil’s Tower
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog (Abigail)
Gardiner, Montana

Bozeman Pass that separates the Bridger and Gallatin mountain ranges

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