Sunday, January 16, 2022

Five years ago

Just five years ago. How can so much change and at the same time so much stay the same. Those years, when they were all little, were so exhausting. And yet,
Oh how I miss them! Oh how I want time to free forever! Oh how I want my house to never be empty. In five more years, two of these faces may have moved onward. In five more, they may all be gone. 

As of today, right now, Isaac wants to do something with Hotwheels cars — selling, trading, etc. He tells us he can’t do that in this little town, and he may need to live somewhere like Knoxville. He likes piano, but isn’t sure he wants to do music. 

Sidge wants to live on the farm. He’s for-sure he doesn’t want to go far away. He says if he took over the farm, he wouldn’t do sheep because moving fences is too cumbersome. He loves animals and nature of all kinds, but isn’t sure he has the stomach to be a vet.

Abigail loves medicine. She loves ballet, but she doesn’t talk about doing that professionally. She’s got an artistic side, and can draw pretty well. 

Hannah never wants to leave us. Doesn’t want to get married. Currently liking ballet more and more, and also talks about being a nurse. 

But I want them all to live here, on the farm, forever. 

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