Friday, January 21, 2022

Ice Skating

Today Erin took Sidge ice skating with her two kiddos and Anni and Trin. I decided not to take the girls with the upcoming show (Beauty and the Beast) on the horizon. I just didn’t want to risk an injury. 

Here is a video of their adventures: 

Mr. Craig is due back from Quatar in one week! It’s hard to believe that our adventures with the Dunham’s will come to an end. I truly cannot say enough good things about this family and what a gift they have been in our lives. 

Erin has truly become one of my very dearest friends. I have completely fallen in love with the beautiful bookworm Zoey and the adorably silly Zach. They are such good kids, raised so similarly, and our lives will be forever connected. 

After the skating adventures, Erin took the crew to the legendary Creamy Cup for hot chocolate. My son, of course, let ice cream trump hot chocolate. 

While Erin loves all my kiddos, Sidge occupies a special place in her heart because her kids simply adore him and look up to him. In addition, I feel like these kiddos have given Sidge such an opportunity for growth as he’s showed them the ropes around the farm. 

Here’s a few pics of the kids together at the ice skating rink today. This is a tiny little family-run place in Chuckey, TN!

I’m so proud of Sidge. He had never been ice skating and didn’t know if he’d like it or be any good. But he went for it and ended up being way better than he thought he would be!

If you are interested in checking this place out for yourself, visit: HORSECREEKFARMS. 

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