Friday, January 28, 2022

Ballet pictures

Zach and Zoey watched the last dress rehearsal with their mom last night as they are headed to pick up their deployed Daddy today!!!
Ana was in the newspaper!

I was excited that Katy (second from the right in the back) got to fill in during the dress rehearsal last night. Katy is dancing in Asheville now, but we got to have her for a night.
That's my Hannah second from the right! (And Eoin jumping on the far left!)

I love getting to watch Maryah and Ana dance as two of Belle's sisters.
I think this picture of the two of them is so sweet!
These pictures of Abigail were taken with Erin's phone so they aren't incredibly clear. But I still wanted to share them. This is Abigail's sixth show!

Isaac is making his debut this year as a villager off to "KILL THE BEAST!" He does a great job! And he gets to spend time with his cousin and best bud, Gabe.

Sidge does his back stage thing with two kids that think the WORLD of him!

Abigail is SO serious during ballet, but she took a moment for a picture!

Abigail also gets to be in a party scene and then has a VERY quick change into SNOW.


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