Friday, January 07, 2022

Facebook Post from JB

It boggles my mind how many Christians think that it’s acceptable to dismiss or even mock the people who are affected by this pandemic.

They say, “Well, most of the people who are dying are old anyway.”

As if our elders and there years of life experience and wisdom (that are now lost to future generations) are somehow less important than you because you are younger and healthier.

They say, “Well, most of the people who have bad disease or die are overweight or unhealthy.”

As if your sin of pride and arrogance is somehow less severe than their possible sin of gluttony or more likely their struggle with self control.

As Christians, we are to be an example of Christ and his self-sacrificing love to humanity. But the world is seeing that Christians are snarky, callous to other’s hurt, place politics over relationships, and are know-it-alls who thinks that bad things happen to those who deserve it because they aren’t smart enough, discerning enough, young enough, or healthy enough.

We are called to better.

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