Wednesday, January 19, 2022

We Bought a Farm: Sheep poop

I had all the kids loaded in the car to drive to the Kotynskis to homeschool, when John Kitsteiner, about to go lay down for a nap in preparation to switch to nights, told me spotted a set of twins in the pasture. I ran up with him to help him tag them. While taking the first picture of two boys, we spotted another set of twins! And then another! That gives us four sets of twins and one single. All boys except the brown one!!!

But here’s the part that makes me remember the new planet I live on. After I was done holding twins while John tagged them, I stopped at Yoders with five kiddos to get lunch. While waiting for our sandwhiches, I reach down to find something awful and sticky on my pants.
Little Hannah answered my: “What in the world is this on my pants?” By saying: “Um, Mama? That’s 🐑 💩.”
Seriously. Buying lunch with sheep poop all over my pants.
(And yes, I’m wearing John’s old military jacket because it is the BEST jacket for farming.)

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