Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Birding day away

It is nothing new to say that half my family are birders. John and Abigail and Sidge like the birds. The three individuals sitting on the rock on the picture above do not.

However, getting away for 24 hours as a family, especially knowing some of John’s coworkers are going down sick which will pick up his workload when we get back. I don’t mind birding. I can get exercise, and be outside in beautiful places. But Hannah can be too loud for birds, and Isaac, while working hard to have a good attitude, truly could care less. 

Either way, we want to Chattanooga this morning, and we will return tomorrow (Thursday) after seeing quite a few NEW birds including:

Hiwassee birds spotted: 
1. Sandhill Crane (Abigail) 
2. Canvasback (Abigail) (Sidge)
3. Lesser Scaup
4. Canada Goose 
5. Northern Shoveler 
6. Gadwalls 
7. American widgeon 
8. Mallard 
9. American back duck 
10. Northern pintail 
11. Ring-neck duck 
12. Hooded merganser 
13. Carolina chickadee 
14. Tufted titmouse 
15. Brown-headed nuthatch (JB) (Abigail) (Sidge)
16. Carolina wren 
17. Eastern bluebird 
18. Hermit thrush 
19. House finch 
20. Northern cardinal
21. Rusty blackbird (JB) (Abigail) (Sidge)

John got two new life birds, Sidge got three, and Abigail four! 

Blogging is harder as the kids get older because there is so much they don’t want time to share. Their privacy becomes more important to them. But there are still funny things that I feel I can share. 

Studying trail of tears today as we bird. I’m right in the middle of reading a very intense part and sharing the stats and Sidge asked: “is it wood duck breeding season?”

And then later, when they saw that beautiful brown bird, Hannah said: “It’s so cute. I want it in a cage!”

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