Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Some Looks at our Life

There's been a lot going on around here lately. I thought maybe the best way would be to tell about our adventures via photos:

After socially distancing for what felt like FOREVER, this past week we opened up our lives again. For now, we are trying to just socialize "within" Greene County since we do not have any COVID-19 in our county. We are praying the numbers remain as they are. It has been so fun to hang out with some of our old friends again.

Caught a photo of a beautiful rainbow on our farm. Rain and storms are SO weird here in the mountains. I'm not sure I will ever get quite used to them. In Florida, the rain was very predictable. Here, it can look like it is coming and disappear behind a mountain so fast.

Isaac often tells us that the only animal her really likes are "puppies". "Not dogs. Only puppies," he will say. But when no one is looking, we catch him hanging out with our doggies. Here, he and Ritter are taking a rest. Ritter is one of the chillest dogs I have EVER met. He loves to be loved on. 

Our little nephew, Theo, is growing like a weed and is a nice "final number" to the Two-Family Homeschool Group around these parts. Here he is with a very special little gal in all of our lives!

While we are a homeschool family, this virus has even put OUR schooling "up-in-the-air" for next year. We aren't sure whether we will have our co-op or not so Hannah Kotynski and I have been trying to make plans for what to do IF we have co-op and IF we don't for the nine kiddos we will be schooling this year.
The puppies are all with their "forever families" except one little guy: Jax -- whom my nephew Gabe is "fostering" until his family can get down from Vermont to get him. Arabelle, however, gave us all a scare this week when she got pretty sick. We still aren't sure what it is, and she is recovering, but this was a quick snap shot of her at the Vet. We hope it was a tick-born infection that will leave her good-as-new real soon.
We are so excited that our friend Anni has purchased a property around the corner from us in Greeneville. She is still living in Knoxville, but is transitioning to this new property! Oh is it great to have her so close by. Sidge has been helping her with some projects around her place.

And playing with her goats!

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