Sunday, September 15, 2019

To raise girls

Abigail and Hannah wear close to the same size shoe. (And clothes too for that matter.) Abigail's feet are just a tiny big bigger. We've been having a lot of arguing between the two of them over clothes/shoes and have decided that they can each have some special items they don't share, but that otherwise, if they aren't wearing something, the sister may borrow it. It belongs to God. Or us. They didn't buy it. So they can share it. (We are trying to prepare for years of this as it appears they will be close to the same size for quite some time.)

Before church on Sunday, Hannah and Abigail came running to me, Hannah holding a pair of black, high-heeled shoes. They were both exasperated and nearly crying.

Abigail: "I had those in my hand and was going to wear them, and Hannah took them from me."
Hannah: "I wanted to wear them."

I settled down the fight, had them both be quiet, and went on with: 

Me: "Aren't they technically Hannah's shoes?"
Abigail: "Yes, but they are too big for her."
Hannah: "But I want to wear them."
Me: "Okay, if they are too big for Hannah, Abigail you wear them. And Hannah you find something else."

Abigail tries on the shoes. 

Abigail: "They are too small."
Me: "Okay, then they should fit Hannah. She can wear them."
Hannah: "I don't want to wear them."


I see the next fifteen years of my life flashing rapidly.

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