Sunday, September 15, 2019

First Day of School

Tomorrow we will return for Week 2 of our wonderful homeschool: Heritage Home Scholars.

I meant to post these pictures last week with my four kiddos preparing for their first big day:

  • Isaac (5th grade) is taking: Adventure Time (PE type class), American History, Inventions, and a Grammar class. 
  • Sidge (5th grade) is taking: PE (with me!), American History, Spanish, and Chemistry/Physics
  • Abigail (2nd grade) is taking: PE (with me!), Music (she's holding her ukelele), Marine Life, and Girls Club
  • Hannah (Kindergarten) is taking: PE (with me and Abigail!), Magic School Bus, Lego Math, and Girls Club. 
We love our co-op. As the kids get older, their classes require work throughout the week in preparation for meeting on Mondays. (We meet from 9-2 on Mondays for 20 weeks of the year.) It's a chance to listen to other parents/teachers, spend time with other kids, and learn new things I'd never be able to teach them at home. I am so blessed by this group.

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