Friday, July 14, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Baby Ducklings Galore!

About two months ago, we decided to incubate six duck eggs, and four little ducks have hatched. They are currently in a little mobile home in our front yard with four little geese.

But our Mama ducks (we have five of them) have been sitting on nests for about a month now. Last year they did this and nothing happened. This year we decided to let them try again. We knew it was any day, and this morning, our intern, Jacob, came running in the house to tell us that he saw ducklings.

We actually have no idea officially how many there are because they are in a very dense paddock. But we definitely counted at least 13. There are also quite a few eggs that haven't hatched yet. So we will keep counting.

It was a really exciting morning for us here at the Bauernhof!

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