Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tribe Life Tuesday: The Will, The Why, The Bold Yes!

A weekly post from my childhood to grown-up friend Carrie ~ 
sharing her awesome life and her desire to have community while doing it!

Welcome to TribeLife Tuesdays! We are so excited you have decided to join us! Today we’re going to be answering three important questions; I hope you brought your curiosity along for the ride. What is The Will? What is The Why? And when is it time for a Bold YES? Let’s dive in!

What is The Will? 
It’s determination, resoluteness, strength of character, and single-mindedness. My will and I sometimes collide and there are seasons when I find it difficult to stay resolute or single-minded on a matter. I am all about evolving in perspective but single-mindedness can be an incredible gift in moments of chaos. It gives us a sense of surety, which is hopefully founded in truth. This will of mine has a tendency to be a free spirit, so managing and shaping her is quite a discipline. 

Have you ever met someone who walks in resoluteness? Someone who is steadfast in themselves and their beliefs? I have not only met some but I have researched such people. I found the commonality between these strong-willed ones is a high level of success and influence in our society. If you want to be hugely successful or widely influential you have to have determination, resolution, strength of character, and single-mindedness to pull it off. 

What is The Why? 
My why has grown over the years. My why is rooted in bringing justice, advocating for tribe, and giving people a place of safety where their voice matters. These things run deep within me and are wrapped up in every action and reaction I have. One of my big whys is I WANT MORE SO I WILL OFFER MORE. This is the why that keeps sitting me down, pulling up a chair in front of me and staring me right in the eyes - I can’t escape it and I don’t want to. 

So, when the opportunity came up for my husband and I to start a podcast, I immediately said yes! Then I waded into my decision and floundered in it, then I took a deep breath and dove in headfirst. The first few dives were like swimming in a creek - it was shallow, narrow, and full of boulders. But, with each dive, each commitment, each discipline, my swimming has become automatic and my vision has tunneled so tightly, it's blurred out all the unnecessary details. It’s a "I know we are doing the right thing because I'm bruised, sore, bumpy, and I feel so good” kind of thing. 

To be vulnerable with you, I struggle with over-commitment and a lack of focus. I often commit to too much and follow all the way through with too little. But this, this was the start of something BIG. To use my voice, the very thing I desire to help others discover, all to inspire and influence people to live their best lives? 100% YES!! 

Yes to facing my fear. 
Yes to building the character it takes to manage such a heavy load. 
Yes to becoming single-minded and fully engaged.  
Yes to being vulnerable even when it’s uncomfortable. 
Yes to going toward my future.  

So why are we launching a podcast? Because I have the privilege of living an outrageously beautiful life and I want to share it with all who listen. I invite you to subscribe via iTunes, and each Tuesday I will fill your car, home, office, and anywhere in between with an unforgettable sound. A sound that will hopefully ignite life and passion in you and reassure you that you have all you need to live an outrageously beautiful life as well. Your voice matters and we can’t wait to hear it!

Thank you for reading. 

See you next Tuesday!


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