Sunday, July 09, 2017

Some days I am homesick...

... and I have no idea which "home" I am homesick for. I just know that while this is my home here, it still doesn't always feel like I belong.

(1977-1995) My childhood city in Southern Florida where I knew all the beaches and roads and shopping.

(1995-1999) My college community in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where everyone knew the basketball players, and I could always be found in sweats and tennis shoes. Some of those ladies remain dear friends to this day. We truly were in the trenches together.

(2000-2003) The little country town I spent four years teaching. One of my favorite basketball players was killed in a car crash this last weekend. It really hit me hard. What a gift you were Chelsea Brown. This was the town that my cousin Josh and his wife Sarah lived across the street from us. Oh what carefree and broke times those were.

(2003-2007) The medical school and community of Rochester, Minnesota. Despite its freezing cold temperatures and infertility battles, it still remains one of the "coziest" places I have ever lived. I loved having the Ray family there with us. They will always be family.

(2007-2010) Eglin AFB. The Base house there saw one big dalmatian and two little baby boys join our family. Three great years and tons of amazing people. Oh and great weather and food too near Destin, Florida.

(2010-2012) Turkey oh how I loved you. Love you still. Those two years living in Mayberry will be forever engrained on the recesses of my heart. And Abigail found life during those years and brought us the girl we never dreamed of having.

(2012_2014) The Azores, Portugal remains my most difficult two years, but good friends living around the corner made the memories overcome the hardships. Loved the sound of the water, Buzios and the "red cafe" and especially seeing our little Hannah enter our lives.

So many moves ... so many homes ... it truly is where the heart is.

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Tracye said...

I think we are all homesick for return and make all things new.