Monday, July 03, 2017

Some cousin pictures

Eating dinner outside

Baylee and Abigail

Charleigh and Sidge with Ritter

Cutie pie Riddick

Abigail and Riddick

We love us some "Hotels" around here.

We've been doing a TON of coloring.

Isaac is finally feeling back to himself.

Preparing for a picnic.

These kids are so creative ...

... and silly!

A movie in my bedroom hallway.

We went to Yoder's with our friends Dan and Angelica and baby Liam.

Who knows.

More hotels.

I think Charleigh was crowning her? No idea!

One of Hannah's favorite things to do. Open the van and make it her house. Here she is "talking on the phone" with Charleigh.

Baylee (6), Abigail (almost 6), Charleigh (8), Hannah (3), and Sidge (8)

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