Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bobbie Thomas: No more whispers, I'm doing IVF and proud of it

I'm constantly keeping my eye out for stories in the media regarding infertility and fertility treatments. I think that sharing these stories helps spread awareness and leaves less people feeling so alone. Here was a great one that was recently on NBC: Bobbie Thomas: No more whispers, I'm doing IVF and proud of it.

She writes:

"Additionally, I was starting to notice that when I did tell friends or colleagues about the treatments, I often found myself whispering. As if “IVF” was something to be ashamed of rather than an increasingly common way many couples are conceiving. More often than not, “I’m so sorry” has been the response I’ve received when telling someone that I am about to start my second round of treatments. Sure, it’s not glamorous. It’s painful and expensive, and occasionally causes me to act like a hormonal rage monster. But it’s also a wonderful, amazing, life-changing medical advancement that has the ability to bring so much joy to so many families.

So I decided that I wanted to share my journey with social media, with, with other women out there — hopeful moms-to-be and their partners. And when I posted to my Facebook page that I was not pregnant, but was hoping to become so with the help of IVF, I was astounded by the outpouring of love and encouragement from people who I’ve never even met. It was as if an instant sisterhood of support sprang up on my computer screen. There are so many kind, strong women out there who have gone through what I’m going through, and many more who will one day. I hope that by talking about it as something we’re proud of, we can lean on and learn from each other."

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