Friday, September 05, 2014

Hannah Joy Turns One!

Here is a video of the stupid-American-tradition-of-letting-kids-shove-cake-into-their-face. Every time I let my kids do this I think, "This is the type of thing that must make other cultures think we are CRAZY!" (But I love it of course!)

And here are some fun shots of our little one year old who despite an ear infection and fever the last few days, was doing pretty well by party time!

I bought her one of those "classic" toys from my childhood that Target is selling. So fun to see the good ol' toys coming back around!

She did not want to wait for the candle to be blown out. Gimme that cake now!

Face plant.

While we were on our trip to scout out farms this past week, JB got a video of Hannah doing the little noise that Grama K. taught her:

Okay, now, time to discuss what our little Hannah is doing at one year old. But first, a look back at her big siblings on their own first birthdays:

Isaac at one year old
Elijah "Sidge" at one year old
Abigail at one year old


  • Is making signs for all done, please, night-night, and milk. However none of the signs are very clear or consistent yet. 
  • Is definitely saying "Ma ma" but doesn't seem to actually mean my name.
  • Will turn to Grama and Daddy and Mommy when requested. Seems to know the dog's name and her brothers and sisters -- although they seemed grouped together indiscriminately.
  • Truly loves the attention Abigail lavishes upon her.
  • Loves to be held. Will walk up to you with her arms up to be held.
  • Doesn't like to be separated from us.
  • Doesn't have great stranger anxiety. When I take her to church, she cries for a few minutes, and her grip tightens on my arm when a new person approaches, but generally, she'll let most people hold her still.  
  • Uses a pacifer at night and nap time.
  • Has no interest in TV. Don't even have to avoid letting her see them because even if they are on, she doesn't watch them.
  • Is walking pretty good. Still falls over now and then.
  • Puts most toys in her mouth.
  • Loves her large, stuffed Curious George doll. 
  • Is constantly getting into things I don't want her to.
  • Will throw something in the toilet if you give her any opportunity.
  • Will unroll the toilet paper if you give her any opportunity.
  • Loves her stroller and going for jogs with Mommy.
  • Will cry when you first sit her in her carseat, but after she is in, loves to ride in the van.
  • Does not discriminate between Daddy, Mommy, or Grama.
  • Got her first shiner last month.
  • Still on the bottle. Prefers that over food.
  • Is not that interested in Scrubs.
  • Will put her head on her shoulder and tap your arm if you say, "Give me a hug."
  • Waves good bye a little bit.
  • Will drink water out of a sippy cup.
  • Will get very mad at you if you try to redirect her or stop her from doing something she wants to do.
  • Only wants to eat books ... not read them.
  • Is wearing size 18 month and 2T clothes. Definitely seems bigger than Abigail was at this age.
  • Is wearing size 4 shoe.
  • Sleeps from about 6:30pm until 6am every day. Naps from 9-11 and 2-4 (approximately.) 
  • Loves bananas. 
  • Doesn't like to take medicine.
  • Doesn't really enjoy the pool much.
And here is Hannah through the months:

Tonight we had a birthday party both for Hannah (turning 1) and big cousin Grace (turning 12). Grampa and Grace's Dad Ray are out of town so it was just a small group of us getting together to celebrate. Here are some pics of the party;

When you have four kids, the youngest spends their time hovered over by three big siblings.

Isaac was really getting into photo bombing. Thank you Uncle Rob and Sherrie for the books!!!

Photo bomb ... again.

Thanks Uncle Eddie and Aunt Katie for my dress and "skirt." I loved them!

But big sister decided ....

.... that it was her turn to wear the skirt on her head.

Silly Abigail!

Cousin Grace celebrating 12. (Check out the pink I made her -- we just added a "2" to the 'Look whose One!' pin I had.) 

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Sherrie said...

So cute!! Wish we could've been there. Btw- looks like you guys had some major success with her hair!! Super cute!