Monday, September 22, 2014

Coloring Cutie

Abigail LOVES to color. Her favorite topics right now are flamingoes, princesses, mermaids, and ponies. Honestly, she is a better colorer right now than her brothers ... most likely due to how much she practices. I can't keep everything she colors so I have been making sure to scan the best ones. Honestly, there are so many, our house would be overrun if I tried to keep them all.


Rachel and Hans said...

That's actually really impressive. She's Thor's age, if I remember correctly and he 1) doesn't even really like to color and 2) is no where near that skill level. It could be that he's a boy, and it also could be that neither one of his parents have an ounce of artistic talent that he could possibly have inherited :).

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Rachel, I really think it is because she is a girl. She colors better than both the boys. Sidge doesn't want to color at all. He said it makes him tired!