Monday, September 08, 2014

A few little notes

I took Hannah in for a one year appointment today. Found a new pediatrician who seems wonderful! No big surprise that Hannah is 96% in weight, 99% in height, and 99% in head circumference. The NP actually said she was as tall as a 22 month old child! While Abigail has always had larger numbers, Hannah's definitely seem exceptionally large. While I think tall women are wonderful, I do pray that she doesn't get too tall and that she embraces standing tall!

In other news, the Because of Isaac auction is going awesomely! I really think we are going to reach our goal of $2,000 by the time the auction closes tomorrow evening.

Isaac and I area also preparing for a road trip! Or make that an air trip. He and I are taking a flight to Vermont! I am going to stay for a few days, leave him, and Joni will return with him to Tennessee a few days later. Vermont is where Roy and Joni spend the summers and where most of Roy's family lives. We are really committed to letting him spend some time each summer with Joan and Roy in Vermont. In the future, we may go as a family or Sidge may go with him, but this summer, Isaac and I are going.

Can I write a quick sidenote? Isaac is the best traveling kid EVER. He is SO unbelievably easy to take places. He sleeps in a little ball easily. He doesn't get exceptionally crabby. He doesn't get ravenously hungry. He is easily entertained. I told JB that had he been our only child, we would really be giving other parents looks like, "What is your kid's problem?" But since we've had other children that don't travel nearly as effortlessly, we know better.

I also mentioned that we put an offer down on a farm about four hours from where we are now. We are trying to patiently wait to hear what they think of our offer. They have until Thursday so it could be a few more days before we know. We are very excited about this property and having possibly found our  FOREVER HOME! It is hard to believe that we may never move again! We would make this move sometime next summer, spending the months inbetween getting the property ready for our permanent arrival. And JB's parents will be moving there with us!

I also took some pictures today at our music class. I have kept my pact with myself to only get in activities that allow me to take week by week. This is a pay-each-time class so if we can't make it, no big deal. In addition, Pastor Bob, a trained music teacher, only charges $5 for us to attend! Not too shabby. The kids had a blast as you can see from the photos below:

So much going on! What a fun (and exhausting) season we are currently in!

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constance said...

So excited about your and Issac's trip to Vermont! I hope you all have a wonderful visit and hoping that you will have the opportunity to meet Criss and Joel. Travel safe <3