Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Friday Funnies

I told Abigail she had to take five more bites of her cereal. "But Mom," she said. "That'll take all day long." Then she said, "I only know how to take three bites."


Isaac does not like to see x-rays or the insides of the human body. Pictures of organs have always bothered him. He got sick in Vermont and Joni took him to the emergency room due to the virus that is spreading around. They told him they needed a chest x-ray. "Okay," he said, "As long as I don't need to see it."


Sidge calls scrambled eggs jiggled eggs. He also calls instructions ... destructions. While I sort of correct these now and then, I find them both charming and sort of let them say him -- knowing that when I fix that, I'll be fixing the last of his childhood silliness.

But this morning, I couldn't help but laugh out loud when he said, "Do you have the destructions to make jiggled eggs?"


When discussing the fact that Sidge was half Daddy and Mommy, he asked me, "Which half is which?" I pressed him to figure out what he meant. "I mean," he began. "Which half of my body is from Daddy? And which half is from you?" I explained that the parts were all mixed together!


Sidge: "Mom, why do cows wear bells?"
Me: "So the farmer can hear them I think."
Sidge: "No, because their horns don't work."

I think you'd call that a burrrrnnnn ....

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