Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa talks to the boys

There's always a debate in the Christian community surrounding how prominent a role Santa should play at Christmas time.

I can't tell you what to do. But I can tell you what we do. It's the same thing our parents grew up doing with both of us. We tell the boys about the true meaning of Christmas -- Jesus' birth. And we discuss how St. Nick, in honor of Christ's birthday, gave toys to young children. In the same way, we should be givers during this Christmas season as well.

But we also include Santa. Santa is a Christian by the way. And he comes to give gifts and help us celebrate the birth of Jesus. He wants us to be good boys because that is what Christ asks us to do.

So in honor of Santa's plan to come to our home at Christmas ... I made the FUNNEST videos. (Thanks to my friend Stebb's reccomendation.) You actually plug information into the computer and Santa talks directly to your child. IT IS SO COOL! Check out the boys' videos below:

Elijah's Santa Video

Isaac's Santa Video

We also recorded the boys watching their videos for the first time. These probably aren't that exciting to most of you, but I thought the grandparents would like them:

Here is Elijah watching his Video from Santa.

Here is Isaac watching the first part of his video (before the computer froze).

This is the first year that my boys truly understand what Christmas is. And it is so stinkin' fun to watch them experience the magic that only children can come to know.

(And if you don't have a child or one that is old enough, don't despair! You can still participate! My husband plans on making one for his boss -- putting him on the naughty list.)


Wegner Family said...

We did one of these videos for our daughter this year (also, 2). She loved it, and was so surprised by everything that Santa knew about her. I also took a video of her watching cute to see the magic of Christmas through her eyes. I'm glad that your boys enjoyed it as well!

Anonymous said...

that is so cool!! They never had that technology when my kids were little. Ooops....guess I'm admitting that I'm getting old(er).

Anonymous said...

This was awesome, found it through you and my 2 girls just loved it. Even my husband as I did the adult version. So funny! Diana from BC

TAV said...

Very neat videos!!