Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas morn

Christmas morning was low-key here at our house. We opened up presents with Veronica, and just hung out around the house. Later that day we had a dinner at our home. But the morning was just spent lounging in our pajamas. Here are some videos of our house during the Christmas season:

Race track from Daddy (he used to have these tracks when he was a boy)
Magnetized cars from Katie (is this not the coolest toy ever)
Veronica the Green Lantern (not sure what to say about this)
Seeing Santa (seeing Santa at a Christmas party)
Writing Santa a letter (Writing a letter to Santa at the Christmas party)
Sweaters  (the boys wearing their sweaters from Joni's sister Rita)
Christmas morning (the boys coming down the stairs and realizing it is Christmas)

It's been bitter sweet around these parts lately. Veronica is preparing to go home. So many of the gifts -- both for her from us -- and for the boys from her -- were sentimental. Man are we going to miss her.
Joni's sister Rita sent some clothes for all the kiddos -- including these sweater vests!
Isaac was way fun this year for Christmas. It was the first year both boys obviously "got" that Christmas was something way cool.

Elijah waiting for me to open one of the cars "Santa" left in his stocking.

Veronica made this recordable book for the boys with her reading and singing nursery rhymes to them. I can't listen to it without crying.
So this is not a good picture of any of these three -- but I love it just the same. 

Here are some clothes that Aunt Katie and Uncle Eddie sent for California.
Abigail dozed and watched the festivities from her swing.
Here is Isaac celebrating with the poster paint AD and Big Keith sent for the boys.
AD and her family use reusable cloth bags for their Christmas presents. I asked AD to send me some for MY Christmas present this year. I love these! They are such a great idea.
Poor Isaac fell going up the stairs the day before Christmas -- and got a busted lip to show for it.
Here are the boys posing with their shirts from Aunt Katie.
The hats are also from Eddie and Katie. Someone is about to get thrown down here.


TAV said...

Great pictures!
Love the reusable bags, too!
Looks like a wonderful Christmas.

Faith said...

Awww, so much fun! Looks like an awesome Christmas in your house! So happy for you!