Saturday, December 03, 2011

Plum pits

This week I learned that throwing the core of a plumb down the disposal is completely different than throwing the core of an apple down the disposal.

An apple: acceptable

A plumb: unacceptable. (Just ask JB who managed to fix the disposal.)

I am sure I knew this once upon a time. But I forgot it. And I was in a hurry. And into the sink it went. Okay so it wasn't just one plumb core. It was four. Sigh ...

Not only did I not choose the trashcan, but I did not choose JB's compost bin in the backyard.

Oh yes. Did I not tell you? My hubby now has a compost bin in the backyard. Not only that, but he has enlisted our gardener to help him collect leaves and other items to put into the compost bin.

Did you know that if you stir up the items in a compost bin, you will actually get hit with a gust of warm air? Why? I have no idea. But it's true. JB opened it, stirred, and let me feel it. Crazy, huh?

The compost bin is not the only thing of interest in our backyard. All sorts of vegetables are popping up. Each evening, and I mean every  evening, JB goes into the backyard with a pair of scissors and returns to the house with our salad for dinner. I kid you not! Take a look at the picture at the top. This is all the varieties of salad growing in our backyard.

Peppers. Squash. Peas. And a bunch of other things that I do not know the name of. While I tease JB about his outdoor loves, I have to admit, he really impresses me with everything he loves to do. Take a look at this post from his blog on brewing apple cider. And not only is he into this but so his friend Jake. And my friend Brianna wanted to come over and get in on the action.

Since I'm cheap, getting food for free in the backyard sits well with me by the way.

I love that JB is so varied in what he loves.

And I love how he has patience for his wife, who forgets that plum pits do not belong in the disposal.

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TAV said...

So proud of JB and his garden, too! I am LOVING the composting here, too, although it doesn't get very thermophilic as I mostly use kitchen scraps. Do you remember when I swore that I could eat a peach pit? I guess some things aren't meant for human consumption/garbage disposals..