Saturday, December 10, 2011

Canyon with "Doni"

Joni was only here one weekend so we were really grateful the weather cooperated, and we could squeeze in a visit to Kapikaya Canyon with her. The Olson family joined us. Tina is the leader of our MOPs group and just an incredible mentor in my life. Her five children (four girls and one boy) range in age from 15 to 3. Before Veronica came, her oldest daughter Hannah babysat for us quite a bit. They lived in Turkey previously, and therefore speak fantastic Turkish!

Honestly, Joni and Hannah took so many wonderful pictures that I truly did not even know how to begin choose. I just got picture happy when loading them -- especially because Blogger now allows me to upload multiple pictures at once instead of one at a time. 

Kapikaya remains one of my favorite places in the local area. I hope you can see the beauty through these photos.

We definitely need an adult per kid for this hike as there are some difficult spots. Joni teamed up with both boys equally. Here she is with Isaac.

Taking a break halfway in for some rock skipping.

Yes he would try to skip this one.

I didn't use an infant carrier with either of the boys, but man does it come in handy for number three!

They both have sticks and are not afraid to use them.

God is so awesome.

This picture shows how small we are in comparison to the canyon we are walking through.

The boys did a good job walking on the hike in. But piggy back rides were the solution for the hike out. It was about 45 minutes each way.

I love this picture of Elijah and his Joni.

Such a little cutie pie.

Such a brother pic.

I love seeing Isaac with his hands in his pocket. He loves his lightning hat. Elijah has one too, but his head is too big for it. 

We made a campfire and cooked hot dogs and roasted marshmallows. 

I wrote Abigail on the hike in. JB took a turn on the hike out.

It was an exhausting day as you can see from a nearly asleep Elijah on the way home. He's wearing pajamas because we had the boys wear them under the clothes to help keep them warm.

Joni brought this outfit for Abigail, and it was PERFECT for a day in the cold. I especially loved the hand flaps. So great.

What is it with kids and juice boxes anyway?

I need to get some mittens for the boys. Gloves with fingers don't work for little kids. We opted for socks which meant doing anything was difficult. But Isaac still found a way to squeeze his juice box.

This picture cracks me up. There is Abby (who is actually Abigail Grace as well), Caleb, and Elijah who is doing, I have no idea what.

Brothers forever.

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