Friday, September 30, 2011

Mommy lesson #56

Is this #56, I don't know. But 56 lessons learned in three years seems fairly representative, so I'll go with it.

Today I learned that allowing the kids to draw on your minivan with chalk because they are having so much fun and you are so tired of saying no to so many things and you just want to let them do it ... is a bad idea.

Faree (our gardener) washed the car today. (Yes, they wash the car and pick up dog poo and keep the toys picked up and anything else you want them to do.) He washed off the chalk and what is left behind is a whole lot of scratches all over our minivan.

This is a tough lesson. I suppose test chalking an area would have been a better idea.

But in other news, when flipping through one of JB's magazines and discussing deer hunting, Elijah informed JB that he doesn't like eating animals. He likes animal crackers. But not animals.

Got it.

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Judy Woodford said...

So glad things are getting better for you Wendi, I do check out your blog regularly and enjoy reading the funny things your boys say and seeing your sweet little princess.

I guess you never connected with a picture of my niece and her adoption for your blog? Sorry I am not much help in transferring pics.