Friday, September 16, 2011

Two months old

  • Weight: 11 lbs (72nd percentile), 
  • Height: 23 inches (89th percentile)
  • Head circumference: 15.8 inches (92nd percentile) -- I had no idea her head was that big!
  • After sleeping through the night nearly since birth, she has now started doing a 3am feed. Still not too bad.
  • Smiling at us when she hears us talking.
  • Definitely knows Mommy's voice.
  • Likes when her brothers talk to her.
  • Starting to coo and talk a bit more.
  • Eyes are definitely blue.
  • Hair is a combo of red/blonde/brown.
Abigail is incredibly sweet. Each of our children was different at birth. Isaac was content. Elijah was passionate. But Abigail is just sweet. I am really enjoying the 3am feed (as much as you can enjoy getting up in the middle of the night). She just stares up at me, wide-eyed. I am very blessed that despite the fog I have been in, I am able to enjoy her and celebrate the miracle of her life. She still does not feel real to me. What an awesome gift she is.


Jennifer said...

In this picture, I think she looks so much like Elijah. Your 3 kids are too cute!

Rachel and Hans said...

She is super cute. She's a great sleeper! Thor...not so much! He's not "bad" but definitely not as stellar as Abigail. She could teach him a few things!