Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tooth #16 (and more)

So firstly, in a big surprise in our home, tooth #16 in our home was lost by our little Abigail! It was her first lost tooth. She will turn 5 in July so we weren't expecting this quite yet.

I also wanted to show a picture of a hair-do I managed on Abigail the other day. I was pretty proud of it! I'm not a girly-girl mom, but I have done a lot of braids in my lifetime.

And the last thing I wanted to note was that Abigail was recently in a mini-recital at ballet this summer. It was a week long camp, and at the end they performed Jack and the Beanstalk. Abigail played the beanstalk and a person at the market place. Abigail's teacher, Ms. Lori Ann, does an amazing job. She encouraged me to put Abigail up into the 6-11 year old class. The girls were mostly ages 5-9. Abigail was the youngest but totally held her own and absolutely loved it. Here's a picture of the group after their recital. It's a bit blurry but is still a great memory for me:

I cannot even explain what it feels like to see my little girl come out of her shell and thrive. She has gone from so painfully shy to almost a bit on the outgoing side! It's absolutely amazing to watch as a mom.


Jan Swisher said...

Wendi, she is just beautiful!

Patty PB said...

Look at that Ballet bun, Wendi!!! Good job!!! :)
Abigail obviously being the total ballerina of the group. Love it! <3