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Review: Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd ReviewBeing as I have two children taking speech through the public school and a third that has some pronunciation issues, I was really pumped when I was picked to be on the Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd review. They sent me their bone conduction headset in the mail, and we were off!

Actually, we were scheduled to receive this just as speech for the year concluded at the public school. I mentioned to the kids' speech teacher that we were going to be getting Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd delivered to us and she was quite excited. She thought it would be an excellent tool to utilize during the summer "down" months.

What came in the mail?
Actually it wasn't just the headset we received in the mail. We received the following items:
  • 1 FORBRAIN® unit 
  • 1 hard case 
  • 1 charging cable (USB to micro USB cable)
  • 3 spare mic covers
  • 1 User manual
  • 1 quick start guide
  • 2 year Warranty

How does this product fit a child?
Here is a picture of one of my children wearing the product. You will notice that it doesn't actually go in the ears. It actually sits on the temples leaving the ears unblocked. The wearer actually perceives surrounding sounds normally, and they can concentrate on their own voice and focus on relevant sounds. 

What does this product actually do?
The following is from the company's website:
Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review
Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd headphones leverage high frequency vibration to help the user create and process sound. The patented electronic dynamic filter blocks out environmental noise -- isolating and amplifying the user's voice, giving the nervous system a solid sensory workout. It also enhances long vowels and other sounds critical to the construction of language. The resulting sound is delivered through the bones and bone conduction, not the ears or air conduction, to the nervous system and brain.

What can FORBRAIN® help with?
Memory, attention, concentration, speech, reading. There are so many different uses for this product. You really must spend some time perusing their website for yourself to see how this might fit with your family. In our case, we were really using it to help with pronunciation and using the correct sounds of words. 

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd ReviewHow did this work for your family?
I let each of my three older children wear this product for 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week during our review period (roughly six weeks.) During this time, I usually had them read a book or talk with one of us. 

What did your kids think of the product?
I'm not sure that kids would ever say they like a product unless it feeds them junk food or includes legos or ballet. I say that because I don't think that children the age of my children can truly see the benefit in a product. But the parents can! They take it like I am asking them to clean their room or empty the dishwasher or do another school assignment. But they didn't complain about it, and willingly wore it for the required amount of time. Anytime we don't have complaints, we consider that a win in our house!

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review
What did the parents think of this product?
I'm not sure that I saw any immediate improvement, but I definitely found that my children were aware of how they sounded when using the product. I plan to update this review as we use the product longer as I see any obvious improvements that I can write about. From what I can tell on their website, you should use the product for closer to 10 weeks. So we plan to do that and then report back.

In addition, I really liked that this product didn't require extra school time. We could instead just wear it while we were doing other school work. (Like memorization, reading, or just talking with brothers and sisters while playing a game.)

Where can I learn more?
You really must take some time to check out this product's website. In addition, you can visit them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

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Kristin said...

Oh how I wish I could afford this!! Austin used bone conduction headphones in speech before we left Ohio--not this brand but same concept. He grew by leaps and bounds in the 4-5 months he used them. Here in New Mexico, our therapist didn't have them. His progress was at a standstill so much so that I just pulled him out of speech all together. In Ohio I could see his speech, his attention span, and his physical therapy all improving! It was amazing!